It’s no secret that a Timberley Resin Bound Driveway will add the WOW factor to your property creating instant kerb appeal, but if you choose to invest in one you’re guaranteed more than a pretty (sur)face!

Here are three key benefits of a resin bound driveway.

·      A resin bound driveway can help you stay upright! – The winter weather is not too far away… (Yep, sorry to break that to you!) A Timberley Resin Bound Surface is permeable, that means there is less chance of pooling water which, in turn, reduces the risk of dangerous icy patches as you step out of your doorway!

·      A resin bound surface can save you time – If you like the idea of a low-maintenance lifestyle, you’ll love a resin bound driveway. Wave bye-bye to weeds between paving slabs. A Timberley resin bound surface is a breeze to maintain, you’ll only need a stiff broom and a hose. You can use a light jet wash taking care not use excessive pressure.

·      A resin bound surface will keep you on the straight and narrow – We’re not talking about the shape of your driveway… We install curvy driveways too! But because they are SUDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) compliant, in most cases, resin bound surfaces do not require planning permission. Unlike block paving or tarmac, which will require consent.

Of course, as well as being inherently practical a Timberley resin bound driveway will ensure you stand out from the crowd and increase the value of your property. So, whether you are staying put or on the move you’ll reap the rewards of choosing resin bound!

What’s more, a resin bound surface won’t cost the earth, in fact, they are environmentally friendly by nature; their permeability means that rain water will filter through the surface, rather than picking up surface pollutants as it flows into drains and natural water courses. Plus, at Timberley, we offer a free, no obligation, consultation and quote, contact us for yours.