If you’re the owner of a summerhouse or home office located at the end of your garden, we’d lay money on the fact that at this time of year garden paths become important to you…

Yes, Autumn is here, and with October just around the corner, those heavy dews are going to get a little worse before they turn in to full blown frosts!

So, as you pull on your wellie boots or roll up your trousers just to get from your house to the home office for an early morning conference call we thought we’d give you some food for thought…

Here are your choices for perfecting your garden paths.

Gravel – This might be a relatively reasonably priced option; but pets and children have a habit of ensuring the gravel escapes your pathways, ending up on your lawns or flower beds instead. Additionally, if you haven’t laid a good weed membrane below your gravel be prepared to spend the weekends battling those pesky weeds!

Wood chip – This may seem like a relatively inexpensive option but a wood chip pathway will probably need replacing each year. Like gravel, it also has a tendency to migrate and can end up in the house too!

Stone slabs – You can use slabs by placing them firmly together or as stepping stones, but you will need to do some levelling and preparation beforehand. Always remember the warning though… Slippery when wet!

Wooden slabs or sleepers – Probably worse than stone slabs in terms of slipperiness! Wood gets mouldy and mossy when wet.

Timberley garden pathways - At Timberley, we offer solutions that will save your hems, keep you upright and make your garden look super smart! A Timberley resin bound pathway is easy to clean, eliminates weeds, puddles and ultimately mess! Because our team has extensive experience in groundworks, we can work with you from concept to completion, taking care of any preliminary work so you don’t have to engage multiple contractors

Give us a call for your free consultation and quote and you’ll literally be heading up the garden path in no time at all!