It’s official, winter has well and truly arrived in West Sussex. And although spring is officially the season to concentrate on cleaning up, there’s something about the winter season that makes us want to tidy up the garden… Perhaps, it’s the warm feeling of satisfaction one gets whilst rugged up inside beside the fire knowing that the garden is in tip-top shape for the season. Or perhaps it’s because we’re spurred on to spruce up the yard when it looks its gloomiest…

Here are five tips to help you keep your property looking super smart in winter.

·      A lick of paint – Any outside woodwork needs protection in winter. Avoid wood rot by attending to chipped or flaky paint.

·      Rug up your furniture – You’ve probably invested in some super garden furniture, so be sure to protect it from the harsh elements by investing in some good quality covers too!

·      Make sure the grass is greener on your side of the fence… Even when it’s not! - A lawn can still look neat and tidy, even when it’s not lush and green. Raking up leaves may not be anybody’s favourite task, but it is essential in winter. In our opinion, it’s also a great way for the kids to earn some pocket money!

·      Twinkle, twinkle – Who needs the excuse of Christmas?! We love a string of festive outside lights at any time of year, but in the winter-time they really lift the spirits!

·      Create a dignified driveway – Say goodbye to wet, muddy paths (and shoes!) and hello to a Timberley resin bound driveway. Our hardwearing, resin bound surfaces are easy to maintain, you’ll only need a stiff broom and a hose. You can also say goodbye to slippery surfaces the resin bound surfacing has cavitation within the mixture, water will run through the surface and back into the ground. This stops water from pooling on the surface, thus preventing freezing puddles. The best news is, that you can still add a Timberley resin bound drive to your Christmas wishlist. As long as the temperature is above 5°C our little elves can still lay your driveway, no matter whether you’ve been naughty or nice this year!